Atelier d'architecture

Atelier d'architecture - © JKLN Architecte
Atelier d'architecture - © JKLN Architecte

Producing an architecture that responds to needs, inspires experiences and creates possibilities is fundamental. It is about building new spatial locations which are the key to stimulating encounters.

JKLN Architect distinguishes herself by her approach - sensitive, contained and mastered - which aims to bring out a pre-existing potential. Her practice has been built on the search for the way of constructing at a monumental scale without neglecting the sense of fragility.
Sensitive to the inspiration provided by the locations, to the spirit of the ruins, to the memory of a site, to its landscape, JKLN Architect defends the idea that a poetry emanates from each terrain whatever its state of degradation. Viewing of the site becomes a generator for designing of the project, transforming it but also revealing the essence of each location.
This desire to intervene in pre-existing locations, be they urban, landscape or architectural, is not neutral. Concerned with respect for local characteristics, JKLN Architect approaches a project by researching the intrinsic qualities of the places where it operates. This research requires an awareness of the constituent and characteristic elements.
The approach we adopt may be in continuity or in rupture. This may seem like a doctrinal ambivalence, but it simply reflects our desire to re-examine the identity, character, and boundaries of each place.
JKLN Architect advocates an architecture that integrates and not that seeks to be seen regardless of the damage it causes. She practises a respectful architecture without erasing it. An architecture that is anchored by its composition. Her geometry is fundamentally constructive. Her structure generates space, character and dialogue with light. Always in search of a new narrative and pictorial dimension. An architecture that nourishes reflection. A timeless architecture but also intimately linked to the space that is attributed to it when it is positioned on a floor, which is created by its presence. A moving architecture, responding to a practice, a demand and participating in the beautification of cities. She pays attention to both the functionality of a building and the comfort of the one who will walk it, feel it, and live. The challenge is to create a new living environment.
Strength, elegance, sensitivity, accuracy, wonder, critical thinking and radicalism are the key words that inspire JKLN Architect and reveal her commitment, both in her practice in the studio and in her research and teaching practice at different schools in Europe. Always looking for a new look, here or elsewhere.

Curriculum Vitae

Founder of the company

Project teaching
2018-2019 / 2019-2020

ENSA Paris Val De Seine, Paris, France

Enseignant contractuel TPCAU - Licence et Master

2015-2016 / 2016-2017

HES- SO / HEPIA - University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland

Charged of courses

Spring 2015


Invited professor


Graduated from the ENSP Versailles, The Higher National School of Landscape, Versailles, France
Research master degree
Theory and approach of the landscape project


Graduated from the ENSA Paris Belleville, The Higher National School of Architecture in Paris-Belleville, Paris, France
Accreditation to practice project on her own name
ADE - State-certified architect
Master Degree in Architecture
Licence Degree in Architecture


Babin Renaud Architectes, Paris, France


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris, France


Allied Works Inc, New York, United States


Christian De Portzamparc, Paris, France


Studio Andrew Todd, Paris, France

2020-2023, In progress
Rue Anatole France, La Courneuve, EN
8 logements familiaux
2022, Contest
Chapelle Charbon, Lot A, Paris 18, FR, FR
Logements familiaux en accession sociale BRS
2022, Contest
Gare de Lyon - Daumesnil, L2/L7, Paris 12, FR
136 logements familiaux [ + COMBAS ]
2022, Contest
Haussmann, Paris 9, FR
Réhabilitation d'un immeuble de bureaux [ + B.E. ]
2016-2021, Done
Blvd Auriol, Paris 13, FR
23 logements collectifs familiaux
2021, Contest
Saint-Vincent-de-Paul - Lepage, Paris 14, FR
33 logements participatifs [ + GENS / SP ]
2019, Contest
Blvd Jourdan, Paris 14, FR
Restructuration d'un parking en logements étudiants et ateliers makers
2019, Contest
Blvd Blanqui, Paris 13, FR
15 logements collectifs et un commerce
2019, Contest
Rue Nollet, Paris 17, FR
Démolition/Restructuration d'un parking en 85 logements foyers
2018, Contest
Paul Meurice, Paris 20, FR
25 logements et une crèche de 66 berceaux
2018, Contest
Rue Faubourg Saint Martin, Paris 10, FR
Restructuration d'un parking en hotel 4* et restaurants gastronomiques, salles de sports, commerces
2017, Contest
Pièce Urbaine C, Lausanne, CH
168 logements collectifs , un équipement petite enfance, une salle de quartier
2017, Contest
Province de Chieti, IT
Habiter l'observatoire de Roccascalegna
2017, Contest
Rue des Bergers, Paris 15, FR
17 logements et une galerie d’art contemporain
2017, Contest
Rue Esnault Peleterie, Boulogne-Billancourt, FR
30 logements locatifs sociaux collectifs , Local artisanal, Parking souterrain
2016, Contest
Blvd Bessières, Paris 17, FR
16 logements collectifs familiaux
2016, Contest
Rue Mousset Robert, Paris 12, FR
24 logements collectifs et un équipement petite enfance
2015, Contest
Forteresse de Cresmina, Cascais, PT
Centre d'art contemporain
2015, Contest
Parc naturel de la Serra da Estrela, PT
Centre thermal
2015, Done
Square des Batignolles, Paris 17, FR
Réhabilitation d’un appartement familial
2015, Contest
Pièce urbaine V, Genève, CH
Logements collectifs, Auberge, Equipement sportif, Equipement jeunesse, Parkings
2014, Contest
Belle Fontaine, Vaulruz, CH
École élémentaire communale
2014, Done
Blvd Magenta, Paris 10, FR
Réhabilitation de deux appartements sous combles
2014, Contest
Chemin de Chasseron, Lausanne, CH
Foyer-résidence pour l'accompagnement de 86 migrants
2014, Contest
Eteläranta, Helsinki,  FI
Musée Guggenheim d’Helsinki
2013, Done
Rue René Boulanger, Paris 10, FR
Réhabilitation d’un appartement familial
2012, Contest
Chemin de la Romanellaz, Crissier, CH
Collège et complexe sportif de la Romanellaz
2012, Contest
Rue des corons, Faymoreau, FR
20 ateliers-logements familiaux en bandes

AMC - N° 298 - Article rédigé par A. Bialestowski


Le Moniteur - Article rédigé par M. Chessa


Treize urbain - Le magazine de la Semapa - N°34


Le Moniteur - N° 6027 - Article rédigé par M. Chessa


Prix d’Architectures 2021 des 10 meilleures réalisations pour les logements Boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris 13 ème


Europe 40 Under 40 - Architecture and Design Award 2018

Conférences & Expositions

A venir ...

Design & art direction
Serigraphy with drain oil "Clouds"
3D vizualisation
Inside Team

Rozenn Lerin - Architecte DE, ENSA Versailles
Maxime Megnin - Architecte DE, ENSA Lyon


Sarah Monnier - Architect DEHMONP - ENSA Paris Belleville / HEPIA Geneva, Switzerland


Marie Brus - ENSA Paris Belleville, ENSA Toulouse
Margot Rojas - ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine
Vincent Boduelle - ENSA Caen
Hugues Azambre - ENSA Malaquais / Carleton University Ontario Canada
Timothée Fétiveau - ENSA Marne La Vallée / EPFL Lausanne Suisse
Romane Burel - ENSA Marne La Vallée

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