Blvd Auriol, Paris 13

Blvd Auriol, Paris 13 - © JKLN Architecte
Blvd Auriol, Paris 13 - © JKLN Architecte
Blvd Auriol, Paris 13 - © JKLN Architecte
Blvd Auriol, Paris 13 - © JKLN Architecte
Blvd Auriol, Paris 13 - © JKLN Architecte
Blvd Auriol, Paris 13 - © JKLN Architecte
Technical specifications
Opération Auriol - Lot C2 - 23 collective housing

90 boulevard Vincent Auriol - Paris 13

Negociated procedure


Public contracting authority

Paris Habitat

Town planner/ Urbanist

SEMAPA / Transfaire


JKLN Architecte

Co-contractor / Sub- contractor

BET Structure : EVP Ingénierie
BET Fluids / Environmental : Louis Choulet
Economist : Bureau Michel Forgue
Acoustics : ECKEA Acoustique
Landscape designers : MOZ Paysage

Construction companies

Urbaine de Travaux ( Groupe Fayat ), General Contractor
Goubie, Carpenters


1700 m² SDP

Delivery deadline

June 2021


Construction site in progress

Construction cost

3.9 M € HT


Wood structure / Prefabriquated concrete facade

Photo, Session 2019

Antoine Mercusot

Photo, Session 2021

Giaime Meloni


The plot located at 90 boulevard Vincent Auriol in Paris 13th arrondissement accommodates a vast operation of 135 housing units and a school. The 23-family unit building serves as a link and transition between the scale of the pre-existing Jenner Street housing complex and the scale of Operation Auriol. It is an extension and not an autonomous building. It is a link to another language. The building is set back from the dividing line, in line with the pre-existing ensemble, within a shared garden. Occasional slides participate in the reading of the volume and generate situations and angle details. The systematically associated protected loggias and extending the space of the living rooms form a thick facade which comes alive according to the rhythm of the canvas occultations. Their limits are materialized by openwork guardrails which both filter light for the comfort of residents and provide a degree of privacy from and to the city. The hierarchical entry sequence, the generous common spaces, the compactness of the floor plan, the assertive structural framework, expressed in the accommodation and legible in the urban landscape, the diversity and the combinations of typologies, the housing with multiples orientations, the organization of the rooms that constitute them, the differentiated and articulated day and night spaces, the framed interior / exterior relations are all intentions that generate specific architectural arrangements for this project.

The types of housing developed are diversified and meet the needs of large family housing.
The living rooms are largely glazed with mixed wood / aluminum joinery consisting of either 3 French-style opening leaves on full spandrel or 4 leaves consisting of two fixed two openings full height for the large frames overlooking the loggias. The glazed parts are inserted between two walls creating an opening across the width of the living room. The canvas blinds are chosen and positioned according to their degree of openness allowing to benefit from a simple veil of privacy up to the most total obscuration.
The prefabrication logic supported by the project combines two complementary materials. Wood (CLT panels) as a load-bearing structure and the assembly of self-supporting architectural elements in prefabricated concrete sanded or smooth to surround it. The structural frame is defined by the spacing of the slits which corresponds both to traditional spans with regard to the construction principle adopted as well as to the width of a type A or B living room. The wood material and its interfaces with a mineral material thus become project generators. Each of the materials questioning its own limits and characteristics. The materiality, the granulometry, and the palette of "sand" tones are declined according to the degree of intimacy of the spaces.
The roof is green and inaccessible, except for maintenance. The roof shelters generous planted surfaces which, by modeling the thickness of the topsoil, offers a variation in the sowing of the plantations. The vegetal palette highlights honey and flowering plants.

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