Rue des corons, Faymoreau

Rue des corons, Faymoreau - © JKLN Architecte
Rue des corons, Faymoreau - © JKLN Architecte
Rue des corons, Faymoreau - © JKLN Architecte
Rue des corons, Faymoreau - © JKLN Architecte
Rue des corons, Faymoreau - © JKLN Architecte
Technical specifications
20 workshops housing in strips

Rue des Corons, Faymoreau, Vendée

Call for idea



City of Faymoreau
CAUE Vendée


JKLN Architecte

Submission deadline

Mars 2012


With a strong presence of mines and specific habitat associated with it, the history of the municipality encourage us to develop a typology of family habitats with already pronounced identity and to find a connection with our time and qualities of use. This raises the question of overbuilding of housing in the rural world.

The project consists of 20 "terraced houses" and multiple public spaces. The creation of the structuring thoroughfare joining onto the existing network allows the expansion of the neighbourhood to come.
The project proposes urban houses in models of small widths, wide opening in the centre including a patio to allow illumination and optimal ventilation with a great expression of volumes and facades.
The buildings are adjoining, but are separated by a line of trees at the height of the building which marks the entrance to each plot and creates an architectural identity. On either side of this fault, the garage at the head of the narrowest building bringing together the kitchen and a complementary intermediate space in its use, making the transition, and along the patio.
This leads to the living room, the centre of the house. The buildings are fairly monolithic and opaque seen from the street but open inside. Only autonomous workshops on the ground level enliven the street. The night spaces are upstairs. These night spaces are internalised, compact and essentially in the volume that rises upward. The traditional brick facade gives the opportunity to use a traditional, neutral material in a municipality with a strong identity.
The North-South cross-section then becomes the generator of the project. The plots are hanging on each side like satellites and recreate an urban front on the new street passing the neighbourhood from East to West whose height adapts to the character of the town of Faymoreau. The alleys connect South from North, penetrate the existing building in the North and make it possible to make a link with the fields to the South of the site.
On either side of the alleys in the centre of the project, there is an alignment of shared public green spaces with a small public square for neighbourhood meetings, communal vegetable gardens, a lagoon pond...

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